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Fishpond USA Fly Fishing Gear

Fishpond USA - Creating A Ripple Effect In Fly Fishing And Beyond.

Much of the success of Fishpond USA (aka just Fishpond) is directly attributable to the passion and love they have for the outdoors. Each Fishpond fly fishing product is inspired by their own angling experiences and travel adventures-resulting in products that perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions.

Fishpond USA is headquartered under the peaks of the Colorado Rockies, in Denver, which provides them with the perfect testing ground for their new product designs, such as their latest Fishpond chest pack, Fishpond hip pack, and Fishpond sling pack introductions. The land and water here inspire them to focus on rugged construction and enable them to evaluate the performance they build into each and every one of their products.

Fishpond is a certified B-Corp

Conservation of our natural world is a shared responsibility and Fishpond is creating its own ripples daily. Fishpond's "Ripple Effect" is the collective impact of a brand performing in an environmentally conscious manner, leading to lasting change; in thinking, in deeds and in results. The team behind Fishpond is constantly looking for ways to reduce their footprint on the environment while continuing to provide the highest levels of quality and value in every Fishpond product made. With that goal in mind, they developed their ground-breaking Cyclepond material.

8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans annually, with 80% of that coming from land based sources. The nylon fishing net that is cut and discarded into the oceans is measured in the thousands of miles, entangling species and littering sensitive environments. Fishpond's Cyclepond recycles this ocean trash into their technical fabrics for most all of their products; an industry first.

From an examination of their source materials to an analysis of their business processes, they're truly committed to being thorough and more cognizant of their impact as a company.

Where is Fishpond Located?
Fishpond USA is located in the heart of downtown Denver, near the Santa Fe art district on Kalamath St. You can find their headquarters open during the week at 275 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80223
What is the Fishpond Warranty?
Fishpond's goal is to build a reputation for unmatched quality among the outdoor enthusiasts using their products. Fishpond soft goods are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Should one of their soft goods fail during normal use due to defect in materials or workmanship, they will, at their discretion, repair or replace it free-of-charge. Fishpond's hard goods are covered by a limited one-year guarantee. Their guarantee does not apply to accidental damage, misuse, mishandling, or alteration. To initiate service under this guarantee, bring your Fishpond product to basin + bend for evaluation.

Fishpond: Building Conservation Directly Into Their Products

As Fishpond set out to design their 2022 line, they again returned to their guiding principle of innovation. Often, that principle represents a drive to create new things. But, for the folks at Fishpond, innovation is their attempt to fulfill their responsibility to the natural world that has been at the heart of their brand for over two decades. Each design decision they make is measured against its impact on clean water, healthy habitats, and wild species. From their first products utilizing recycled fishing nets and Cyclepond recycled fabrics to their line of ECONYL® regenerated nylon vests, they continue to remove industrial waste from landfills and oceans.

With the introduction of their line of Tacky Fly Storage Systems, they were again faced with an opportunity to set new standards for how resources are consumed in the world of fly storage. Fishpond is proud to announce that their entire line of boxes and storage systems are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic. Fishpond measures the success of their business by the degree to which they create positive change for the future of our planet and hold themselves to a high standard for stewardship through design. They continue that legacy here in their 21st year in business.

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