Sight Line Provisions

Authentic Leather Bracelets And More.

Sight line provisions are authentic leather goods inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our “sight line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the woods special. These designs are symbols of our shared passion for nature and the thrill of seeing wildlife in their element. Whether you are a photographer, fisher, hunter or hiker; we all share those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul.

Where are Sight Line Provisions Bracelets made?

All Sight Line Provisions bracelets and jewelry are hand-made in Austin, TX by artist Edgar Diaz. If you are looking for a U.S.A. made leather bracelet, Edgar's designs are some of the finest you will find.

What is the Sight Line Provisions warranty?

Sight Line Provisions bracelets and other cuffs are warranted for the life of the product. If you have any issues, the item can be repaired at the Sight Line Provisions shop in Austin, TX.