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Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net - Redband Limited Edition

Due to this model being a true limited edition, the Redband version is now sold out and no longer available. If you're looking for a different design in Fishpond's limited edition fishing net lineup, take a look at the Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Brown Trout - Slab Edition Limited Edition net.

This limited edition Fishpond Nomad Emerger net features a handle that displays the brilliant flank of a Redband Rainbow Trout. Anyone who has caught a Redband knows how spectacular the "Red Stripe" is. The Redband rainbow trout skin tinted carbon fiber and fiberglass 3k weave make the net extremely lightweight and durable, while also being stunning. The RiverKoat rubberized finish provides exceptional grip, even when wet.

The Fishpond Emerger model is Fishpond's most popular net size, so it's only fitting to use it as the platform to pay homage to this native rainbow trout subspecies. The Emerger is designed to stow out of the way with both packs and vests. The longer handle can easily tuck behind a waist pack, but is not too long to hang off the back of a vest or chest pack.

The lightweight, clear rubber net disappears in the water, and will not spook fish during landing. Plus, the rubber compound will not remove fish slime like a nylon bag will, making for better catch and successful release rates. An often overlooked feature of the rubber net is the fact that you won't be cursing trying to get flies unstuck from the net, because they don't stick in the rubber!

The Redband edition celebrates the Redband Trout, a subspecies of the rainbow trout which only exist in two geographic distributions. According to our friends at The Western Native Trout Initiative, the Columbia River Redband Trout subspecies is found in Montana, Washington, and Idaho, and the Great Basin Redband Trout subspecies is found in southeastern Oregon and parts of California and Nevada. 

  • Frame is made from lightweight woven carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Frame is waterproof/weatherproof, UV resistant and it floats
  • Clear 12" deep rubber net bag included
  • Handle covered in Redband trout tinted 3k weave, hoop is olive carbon weave
  • 32” net length is versatile for most landing situations
  • Net weight with rubber bag: 430g or .95lb
  • Net hoop size: 9.8”W x 18.8”L
fishpond redband limited edition nomad emerger net size diagram

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