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Last minute holiday gift ideas for the hunter or angler

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Hunters & Anglers

Round out your perfect holiday gift with these items

If you're anything like me, you see it coming in November, but then let it slide, and it always ends up sneaking up on you; Christmas morning that is. 

There's always that one day in December that I wake up and something I see reminds me of just how quickly the big day is approaching and I go into a shopping frenzy trying to get everything on the sleigh in time. 

I figured I'd save you some time if you find yourself in the same boat by coming up with some last minute ideas for stocking stuffers and small items to round out that perfect holiday gift.

These little macaroons for your backpack are the bomb! These little nuggets of joy are packed with wholesome calories that will give you healthy energy on the trail, on the water and on the mountain. The perfect stocking stuffer!

MFC Poly Fly Box

MFC Poly Fly Box


Another flybox is something everyone can use. Compact, tough, and sporting amazing artwork by the fly fishing industry's best artists, these make great gifts.

River Oracle - Creating Order In Your Fly Box DVD

River Oracle - Creating Order In Your Fly Box DVD


One of the biggest questions I get in the shop is "How do I know what fly I'm looking at?" It's actually more about knowing what bug the fly is imitating, and this film will help the viewer gain that knowledge, and show them how to organize their fly box by bug and lifecycle stage, meaning increased success on the water.

Being a hunter or angler seems to go hand in hand with a love of dogs. We spare no expense when it comes to making sure our buddies are treated right! Pick up this beautiful limited edition cutthroat trout collar and $10 will go back to Colorado Trout Unlimited  to help restore more native fish across the state.

We also have a host of new dog products from RepYourWater and Fishpond that the dog lover on your list will love!

RepYourWater Trout Socks

RepYourWater Trout Socks


RepYourWater worked with Point 6 out of Steamboat Springs, CO to give the already great designs the sock they deserve.  This medium-weight crew sock is great for wading, hunting, hiking, biking, the office or really anything in between.  

Remember that time that your brother gave your child that noise-making toy for Christmas that one year, that you swore you'd return the favor when he had a child? Seize the moment.

Let your loved one fly their Colorado pride high! This Colorado flag T-shirt cleverly made up of fish has been a top seller this year. Grab one to add to your favorite person's stocking.

Abby Paffrath is a Colorado native that now calls Jackson Hole home. Her world renowned artwork has been made mobile with her line of stylish hats. She just released a bunch of great new designs that are sure to fit that one "hard to shop for" person on your list.

Like their fly boxes, MFC's Vacuum insulated coffee mugs feature some fine artwork from the industry's top talent. With a true vacuum between the steel walls, virtually no heat can escape or enter. It will keep beverages hot or cold for an easy 4-8 hours. Can you say roadtrip? Pick your favorite image to turn heads every time you take a drink.

Rugged, durable, recyclable construction with unique elastomeric cap readily accepts used tipped, wrappers, drowned cigarette butts, etc.

Specially designed to facilitate containment of waste monofilament line and tippet, this unique little accessory for the pack will make our waterways a better place in the coming year!


Gift Card


Have you gone through this whole list and still aren't sure what to give your favorite hunter or angler? Give them the gift of conservation and choice with a basin + bend gift card. 2% of their purchase will go towards our quarterly conservation partner project!

Gift cards can be used online or in-store.

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