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River Oracle - Creating Order In Your Fly Box DVD

In this film you will Join Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher for an in-depth look at trout foods and the flies we use to imitate them.  In this step-by-step tutorial, Peter will walk you through the Hatch Organization Method, which will equip you to identify EVERY fly in your fly box according to the insects and life cycles they imitate, and repack them in a simple, intuitive way in order to quickly and easily match every hatch on the water.   Once you have watched and applied this video, one page of your fly box will be dedicated to the aquatic life cycle of trout foods under the surface of the water, while the opposite page of your box will be dedicated to the adult life cycles flying and floating on top of the water.  Each row in your fly box will be dedicated to an order (family of flies) - midges, mayflies, caddis flies, stoneflies, etc. which will allow you to quickly find the correct flies in your box when on the water and follow that hatch as it progresses simply by running your finger across a single row in your fly box!  Never again will you have to guess what the flies in your box imitate or when to fish them!

 If you are wanting to:

  • Demystify & Organize Your Fly Box
  • Save Time on the Water
  • Save Money in the Fly Shop
  • Quickly & Easily Match Every Hatch
  • Catch More Fish Every Trip to the River

Creating Order in Your Fly Box is a must-see for you!  

Movie Chapters Include:

  1. Why Organize Your Flies
  2. Choosing the Right Fly Bo
  3. Preparing to Sort & Organize Your Flies
  4. Defining Fly Categories and Types
  5. The Steps to the Hatch Organization Method
  6. Sorting Your Flies by Type
  7. Sorting and Packing Dry Fly Patterns
  8. Sorting and Packing Wet Fly Patterns and Streamers
  9. Organizing Your Fly Box by Water Type
  10. Organizing Your Fly Box by Season

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