Badlands Pack Sale

Upgrade your hunting backpack to badlands and save 25%!

Badlands Packs Sale

After only a few hundred yards your shoulders ache, and you're ready to get the meat off your back by dropping your backpack to the ground. You shift the weight to one side, then the next, but there's no respite. You complain to your hunting partner, but he can't hear you because he's already up the hill, taunting you by reminding you that it's getting late. Then you remember that after dropping this load off, you have another round of fun for the second load.

Not having a quality hunting backpack can make the already arduous chore of packing out meat a full fledged suck-fest. Luckily, Badlands packs are on sale at up to 25% off until 12/15. Even at 25% off, they still include the incredible unconditional lifetime warranty! 

Badlands Backpacks

Badlands Packs has been leading the industry for over 20 years. Badlands camo hunting backpacks are loaded with innovative technology that will allow you to carry all your hunting gear for your hunt. Badlands is a company that was, and always will be, based on the pursuit of unconditional perfection and quality. Badlands hunting packs are the only pack in the hunting industry to offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Badlands Upland Game Vest


We only call the Badlands Upland Game Vest a “vest,” because that‘s so much easier than saying what is REALLY is - a vest that carries better than 90 percent of the hunting packs currently on the market. However, it's still as light as a standard game vest and offers the versatility of multiple pockets for “the most versatile layout ever.” Of course, you can see our predicament, particularly when you consider that this bird vest also offers full hydration capabilities, a fully breathable interna ...

Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Pack - Approach Camo


Lighter yet even stronger than before – that's what the hunting-pack experts at Badlands have achieved with the wildly popular Sacrifice LS Backpack. Its Hypervent™ suspension system keeps your load secure while promoting exceptional back comfort. Design secures a bow, rifle or pistol, and its built-in hydration compartment accepts a 3-liter reservoir. Beneath its quick-access bucket lid, the generous main compartment offers ample space for gear. Seven pockets and a quick-release drawstring pock ...

Badlands Superday Hunting Pack


The Badlands Superday Hunting Pack is used by more hunters than any other hunting backpack in the world. It will carry a bow or a rifle, has a built-in holster for a sidearm, has the ability to haul water, and has a molded foam suspension so ergonomically advanced that it virtually matches every contour of the human form. Package it all up and toss in a healthy dose of the world’s best unconditional warranty and you get one of our best-selling hunting backpacks. But don‘t take our word for it - ...

Badlands Monster Lumbar Pack


Oh how we hate calling this a fanny pack. It just evokes images of tourist carrying cameras and prancing around amusement parks. Well we have news for you - there will be no prancing. For over 20 years, the Monster Hunti ...

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