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Badlands Packs Sale

2019 Badlands Packs Sale

Badlands backpacks at savings of 30% for a limited time!

Badlands Packs Sale

After only a few hundred yards your shoulders ache, and you're ready to get the meat off your back by dropping your backpack to the ground. You shift the weight to one side, then the next, but there's no respite. You complain to your hunting partner, but he can't hear you because he's already up the hill, taunting you by reminding you that it's getting late. Then you remember that after dropping this load off, you have another round of fun for the second load.

Not having a quality hunting backpack can make the already arduous chore of packing out meat a full fledged suck-fest. Luckily, Badlands packs are on sale at up to 30% off. Even at 30% off, they still include the incredible unconditional lifetime warranty! Upgrade your game with badlands hunting packs today!

Badlands Backpacks

Badlands Packs has been leading the industry for over 20 years. Badlands hunting packs are loaded with innovative technology that will allow you to carry all your hunting gear for your hunt. Badlands is a company that was, and always will be, based on the pursuit of unconditional perfection and quality. Badlands hunting packs are the only pack in the hunting industry to offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Badlands 2200 Pack - Badlands Packs Sale

Badlands 2200 Pack - 2018 Model


The Badlands 2200 Pack put Badlands on the map... or should we say, the backs of every serious hunter in the industry. The idea is twenty years old, yet the premise of building the ultimate hunting pack is stronger today than ever. Most companies build their equipment around pockets - a place for this a place for that. At Badlands, we build around physics, proper ergonomics and acute knowledge of bio-mechanics. 

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