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    Umpqua UPG HD Medium Fly Box

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    With our 3-D molded high-grip FlyTrap™ storage system, this medium-sized, versatile and sturdy fly box will carry an impressive range of dries and nymphs.

    FlyTrap™ High Capacity Storage with TPE 3-D Molded High-Grip Inserts makes the HD (Heavy Duty) the go to choice for maximum storage in a waterproof design. The see-through lids and magnetic swing leaf inserts will keep you organized while planning your trip while the Class 3 water resistance and bombproof construction will keep your flies safe on the river.

    • Single Two-Sided Magnetic Swing Leaf
    • Insert Configurations: TPE Standard-Standard
    • See Through Lids
    • Class 3 Water Resistance
    • 6.25" x 4.5" x 1.0"