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Umpqua Phantom X Ultra Fluorocarbon Euro Nymphing Leader - 20' - 1 Pack

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Specialty techniques require specialty equipment. The Umpqua Phantom X Fluorocarbon Euro Nymphing leader is designed specifically for Euro Nymphing, and the multitude of techniques it affords you.

Built to fish in changing conditions and a variety of techniques from dry dropper, to jigging streamers, the Phantom X leader fishes well with lightly weighted nymphs or heavy bombs at long and short range. Tipped with Umpqua's Phantom X Ultra Fluorocarbon, this leader is specifically tuned for this unique and effective style of fishing.

With very little stretch due to its unique core, Phantom X allows you to detect the most subtle takes. A unique chemical process of combining fluorocarbon monomers into polymer chains creates harmony with Umpqua's unique coating, resulting in abrasion resistance, sensitivity, density, invisibility, and strength never seen before in fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders.

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