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Umpqua Perform X Nylon Trout Tippet - 30 Yd. Spool

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Introducing Umpqua's Perform X Tippet, the pinnacle of tippet performance that combines unmatched strength with remarkable resilience. Crafted with a three-layer construction, this innovative nylon tippet boasts exceptional qualities that will enhance your fly fishing experience.

At the core of Perform X is a meticulously engineered blend of strength and suppleness. This perfect balance allows for flawless presentations and dead-drifted flies that will tempt even the most cautious trout. You can rely on the exceptional control and sensitivity provided by this tippet to entice strikes from elusive fish.

Umpqua Perform X Fly Fishing Tippet Video Review


But there's more to Perform X than meets the eye. Umpqua has developed a secret blend that infuses the tippet with unparalleled strength. With this powerful combination, you can confidently battle big fish and trust that Perform X will deliver, ensuring your prized catch makes it safely to the net.

Built to withstand the rigors of demanding angling scenarios, Perform X Tippet offers unmatched durability and reliability. Whether you're casting to trophy trout in challenging waters or targeting hard-fighting species, this tippet will prove itself time and time again, earning its place as an indispensable tool in your fly fishing arsenal.

Upgrade your fishing game with Umpqua's Perform X Tippet. Experience the Holy Grail of tippet performance, where brute strength meets resiliency. Prepare to conquer new fishing challenges, secure those prized catches, and enjoy unforgettable moments on the water with this exceptional tippet by your side.

Umpqua Perform X Trout Tippet
Umpqua Perform X Trout Tippet Benefits

Why Umpqua Perform X Nylon

Nylon fly fishing tippet offers unique advantages to anglers.

  • Is softer and more flexible than fluorocarbon
  • Nylon has a good knot strength
  • Floats high on surface for dry fly fishing 
  • More elastic than fluorocarbon
  • Common knots can be used with good results
  • Great value!

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