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Umpqua Perform X Nylon Trout Tippet - 100 Yd. Spool

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Umpqua's Perform X Tippet—the ultimate game-changer in tippet performance, delivering unmatched strength and unwavering resilience. Prepare to be blown away by the extraordinary capabilities of this revolutionary nylon tippet.

Crafted with a cutting-edge three-layer construction, Perform X Tippet possesses unparalleled properties that will elevate your fly fishing endeavors to unprecedented heights. Umpqua's meticulously designed core strikes the perfect balance between strength and suppleness, allowing you to flawlessly present your fly and entice even the most cunning trout. Experience the power of a dead-drifted fly that lures in the most elusive catches with irresistible precision.

Umpqua Perform X Fly Fishing Tippet Video Review


But that's not all. Umpqua has harnessed the secrets of superior strength and infused them into Perform X Tippet. Their proprietary blend guarantees unparalleled durability and the backbone needed to conquer big fish and bring them triumphantly to the net. No more compromises or worries—this tippet is your key to landing those trophy-worthy catches with unyielding confidence.

When it comes to challenging angling situations, Perform X Tippet rises above the rest, demonstrating remarkable durability and reliability. Whether you're battling in unforgiving waters or targeting hard-fighting species, rest assured that this nylon  tippet will rise to the occasion, time after time, ensuring a successful and exhilarating fishing experience.

Umpqua Perform X Trout Tippet
Umpqua Perform X Trout Tippet Benefits

Umpqua Perform X: The Holy Grail of Nylon Tippet Strength & Suppleness

Elevate your fishing game to new heights with Umpqua's Perform X Tippet—the epitome of tippet excellence. Prepare to dominate the waters, surpass your limits, and create lasting memories with a tippet that defines true angling prowess. Unlock a world of possibilities and embark on your most thrilling fly fishing adventures yet with Perform X Tippet as your trusted companion.

All of Umpqua's X rated tippet includes a custom Umpqua ProBand to keep tippet tightly wound on the spool, ready for action at a moments notice.

Why Use Umpqua's Nylon?

Nylon tippet offers unique advantages to anglers.

  • Is softer and more flexible than fluorocarbon
  • Nylon has a good knot strength
  • Floats high on the surface, best for dry fly fishing
  • More elastic than fluorocarbon
  • Common knots can be used with good results
  • Attractively priced

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