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Umpqua Perform X Nylon Trout Fishing Leader - 1 Pack

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Umpqua's Perform X trout taper leaders are going to be your go-to leader for most fly fishing situations. Umpqua's trout leaders provide a great combination of a strong taper paired with plenty of tippet length to achieve great drifts with most fly sizes and types. Available in a 1-pack or 3-packs.

Umpqua Perform X: The Holy Grail of Leader Strength & Suppleness

Perform X delivers the Holy Grail in leader performance; brute strength and suppleness. The right suppleness allows a perfectly dead-drifted fly to entice the most wary trout, while a secret blend of nylon results in the strength to bring the fish to net. Exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance round out this perfectly balanced nylon leader material.

Why Nylon

Nylon leaders offer unique advantages to anglers.

  • Is softer and more flexible than fluorocarbon
  • Nylon has a good knot strength
  • Floats high on surface for dry fly fishing 
  • More elastic than fluorocarbon
  • Common knots can be used with good results
  • Attractively priced
Umpqua Perform X Trout Leader
Umpqua Perform X Trout Leader Benefits

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