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RepYourWater Tight Loops Squatch Sasquatch Fishing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you've spent enough time on the banks of a river, you swear you've seen him. Squatch, Yeti, or The Sasquatch. This long sleeve tee pay homage to the champion of hide and seek, and his ability to throw those effortless tight loops while no one is watching.

Tight Loops Squatch Details

  • Color: Heather Charcoal
  • 52% cotton // 48% polyester
  • Soft feel
  • Athletic cut - See RepYourWater Shirt Size Chart
  • Printed in Denver, CO
  • Bonus Donation! - 3% goes to conservation partners through RYW

Tight Loops Squatch Size Chart

Chest Width 18 20 22  24 26
Body Length 28 29 30 31 32