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Phelps Game Calls Born and Raised Outdoors (BRO) Series - Committed Elk Diaphragm Call

Born and Raised Outdoors Elk Calls - Committed

The BRO calls by Phelps are unfortunately no longer available. The closest replacement to Committed in terms of latex thickness and stretch is the Amp Grey.

Born and Raised Elk Calls are one of the signature series models from Phelps Game Calls. The BRO committed diaphragm call was custom designed by the crew of Born and Raised Outdoors, best known for their "Land of the Free" youTube series.

The Committed diaphragm call was designed for the novice to the expert. One blow of the Committed and the canyon walls will be echoing with bugles. You probably have seen this call being used quite a bit on the Born and Raised Outdoors youTube. The soft latex makes enticing cow calls and screaming bugles. The bulls will be “Committed” after the first note you make!

How to use the Born and Raised Outdoors Committed Diaphragm Call

Place the BRO call in the roof of your mout with the "BRO" logo up. Position it on your palate where it is most comfortable. With the tip of your tongue placed behind your bottom teeth, roll you tongue up until it touches the latex. Keep your tongue flat and as relaxed as possible.

Making Cow Calls with the BRO Committed Call: Start with pressure against the diaphragm. Blow air across the diaphragm and reduce tongue pressure to allow the tone to break over. Think (EEEE-ahhh) in your head.

Making Bull Bugles with the BRO Committed Call: Start with little pressure. Blow air across the diaphragm and increase pressure and air volume to go through the octaves of a bull bugle, until you reach the desired high note.

Manufactured by Phelps Game Calls

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