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Phelps Game Calls Beginners 3-Pack Elk Diaphragm Calls (Black, Green, Grey)

A great starter diaphragm 3 pack to create a variety of cow calls and bugles.

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This beginner kit is custom curated for the person just getting into using diaphragm calls for elk hunting. Three easy to blow calls are included to make sure you can get solid sounds from each one.

 AMP Black Elk Diaphragm Call: The AMP black elk diaphragm produces high to medium pitched cow sounds along with producing raghorn bugles with great volume..
Phelps Amp Black Elk Diaphragm Call

AMP Grey Elk Diaphragm: The AMP grey elk diaphragm is a great all around call with excellent volume. This is a single reed that produces medium to mature cow sounds, along with producing medium to large bull sounds.
Phelps AMP Grey Elk Diaphragm Call

AMP Green Elk Diaphragm: The AMP green elk diaphragm is a great all around call. This is a single blue reed that produces medium cow sounds, along with producing medium bull sounds. *The green tape is slightly stiffer than normal and has a bitter taste.
Phelps AMP Green Elk Diaphragm Call