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PACT Outdoors Backcountry Bathroom Kit

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The PACT Kit is an all-in-one backcountry and backpacking poop kit for sustainable backcountry bathroom practice. It is ideal when you need a poop kit for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting and other activities that take you to places without bathroom facilities.

PACT Outdoors Backpacking Poop Kit Video Review

PACT Backcountry Toilet System In The Wild

PACT Outdoors PACT Backcountry Bathroom Kit Out Fishing
PACT Outdoors PACT Backcountry Bathroom Kit Out Fishing On The Water In the Wild

PACT Kit Features Review:

Going to the bathroom is something we all do everyday. We all poop right? So, why is standard practice hacking together products from home that were never designed for the outdoors?

PACT Outdoors is creating bathroom products around the needs of humans AND the environment. Their award-winning PACT Kit is lightweight, easy-to-use and sets a new standard for sustainable bathroom practice.

PACT's mycelium technology, derived straight from nature, breaks down waste in the ground faster while neutralizing pathogens that endanger wildlife and our waterways.

  • Bag Closed Dimensions: 10” Long x 3.5” Wide x 2” Thick
  • Total Weight: 12.8 ounces (includes all supplies)
  • Includes (60) PACT Mycelium Tabs & (20) PACT Compressed Wipes
PACT Outdoors Backcountry Bathroom Kit What's Included
  1. TRI-FOLD CASE: Stocked with everything you need. It's easy-to-clean; has extra storage and a carabiner for attaching to your pack.
  2. STORAGE POCKET: Holds extra bathroom supplies and a washable trash bag in case you need to pack anything out.
  3. ERGENOMIC ALUMINUM SHOVEL: Easy-to-hold, ultralight and effective for digging a 6-8" hole.
  4. HAND SANITIZER: 2oz Organic, Colorado-made hand
    sanitizer gel to disinfect germs.
  5. PACT TABS: Add three PACT Mycelium Tabs to the hole to break down poop faster. Each kit contains (60) tabs or enough for (20) bathroom trips.
  6. PACT WIPES: Add water, unfold and drop in the hole when you’re done. One wipe is generally enough for each bathroom trip. Kit includes (20) wipes.

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