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Hatch Outdoors Iconic Fly Reel - 5 Plus

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The list of species that the Iconic 5 Plus can be used for is truly impressive. From big bad Browns to Steelheading in the PNW, to monstrous carp and bass, the 5+ can handle it all with its silky smooth yet crazy strong drag. 

The Iconic 5 Plus fly reel is the Hatch workhorse for targeting small but strong fish species. Capable of running 5–7 weight lines, and your choice of mid or large arbor spools, this reel is the ultimate high-powered trout fly reel and more. Pair the American Made Iconic with the American Made Thomas & Thomas Avantt fly rod and you are ready to tackle western waters with ease.

True to it's name, the Iconic reel retains the now "iconic" Hatch window pattern with 6 fins, paying homage to the original Hatch Finatic model. It did get a style upgrade that can be seen in the shape of the drag knob, which brings depth, and the famous Hatch "H" logo. An upgraded bright dip finish brings out the true shine of the machined parts while also keeping the strong coloring of matte Type II anodize.

Hatch Iconic 5 Plus Standout Features

Machined One Piece Reel Seat: Hatch was the first and now one of the only reel manufacturers to make the reel body out of one solid piece of aluminum. It is an expensive way to produce the reel, but has the advantage of never having a reel seat loosen up due to galvanic corrosion. For the Iconic, Hatch reshaped the reel seat design slightly for a more contemporary look

New Handle/Counterweight: The Iconic's new handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion where the handle and spool meet. While the Iconic retains the aluminum handle, it now has a softer look and feel.

New Spool Nut: New look, similar function, but with a big improvement. Hatch has implemented a one piece design on the Iconic, in order to prevent pieces from coming apart, something every angler dreads when they are in a remote fishery.

New Spool Design: In many ways, the Iconic spool is similar to previous models, but with a few key differences. Hatch has ported the spool arbor which will allow backing and lines to dry better on the reel after use - think of it as ventilation. They have also cut aesthetic holes into the Mid Arbor spools, making it much simpler than before to distinguish between a large and mid arbor spool.

Improved Sealing: Through better design and concentricity, the Iconic has increased sealing by eliminating water entry points through subtracting superfluous components from past models.

Improved Stability: The Iconic reel does no longer utilizes a cassette to house the drag system as in past models; instead it is now built into the body itself. This has decreased axial runout which creates a more stable and solid design. That's just an engineer's way of saying there's no wobble and the reel feels like one solid piece in hand.

New Drag Material: Hatch has introduced a new carbon-filled drag material that not only dissipates heat faster, but also creates a smoother feel and startup inertia. The Iconic utilizes Hatch's smoothest drag system to date.

Each Iconic Reel comes with a cordura reel pouch and Iconic Cap Wrench. Iconic is not compatible with previous model spools. Every Hatch Iconic is proudly made in Southern California, USA.

Body Iconic Fly Reel
Protection Type II Anodize
Diameter 3.75″
Width .904″
Weight 5.94oz
Available Colors Clear/Blue, Clear/Red, Black/Silver, Gray/Black
Spools Large Arbor, Mid Arbor
Backing Capacity

Hatch Premium Backing:
Large Arbor: WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y
Mid Arbor: WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y

Line Weights 5-7
Target Species Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Corbina, Small Bonefish, Carp etc

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