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Hanak Competition Slotted Metallic+ Tungsten Beads

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Hanak Competition beads offer the highest density of tungsten and the tightest tolerances in the bead openings available on the market, meaning your beads will stay secured to the hook, and will get your fly down in the water column faster, even with small sizes.

Tungsten is 18kg/dm3 which is nearly twice the weight of lead. With Hanak beads, your flies can be slimmer and tinier, and more attractive for fish. Tungsten nymphs are absolutely essential for fishing in deep pools and fast streams.

Slotted beads are designed to work with jig hooks such as the Hanak 450 BL, and the popular Hanak 480 BL. The slot in the bead allows the bead to seat tightly up against the jig portion which allows the hook to ride upside down, which minimizes your hangups on the bottom.

Package includes 20 beads.

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