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Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Windproof Glove

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The Glacier Glove Alaska River Glove is our best-selling fingerless glove. It provides the most versatile protection during cold and wet outdoor activities without giving up dexterity.

The Alaska River Fingerless Gloves are simple yet effective. Designed with windproof soft shell fleece material that keeps river breezes at bay and a 2mm neoprene sharkskin palm for enhanced grip, these gloves are a Winter favorite.

The versatile design of the Alaska River Fingerless Glove allows for ultimate dexterity and all-day wear. This Glacier Glove model is designed to protect hands from the elements while providing maximum comfort.

The Alaska River Fingerless design makes multitasking effortless. Seamlessly transition from one task to the next. Compatible for touchscreens such as iPhones, Androids, iPads and other electronic devices.

Whether it be fishing, paddling, photography, or other outdoor activities, our gloves can be used in many ways. The versatile design and durable stitching make this the go-to option for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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