Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder

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The Headgate Tippet Holder is one of our best selling Fishpond items.  This is one clever device for those of us who want our tippet hanging within reach at all times.  We’ve seen a lot of tippet holders over the years.  This one is the best we’ve seen.

The Headgate Tippet Holder is made from anodized aerospace aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance.  A slot in the main frame allows for attachment to many different zingers or other devices you use on your vest or pack. 

A slotted line cutter neatly clips your tippet but remains recessed so you don’t cut anything unintentionally.  The razor blade cutter is replaceable.

The Headgate holds up to 7 tippet spools and changing them is easy thanks to the spring loaded pull that opens easily but not by accident.

You will enjoy fly fishing with this fine tool.  Fishpond does everything possible to improve your day on the river or lake.