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Caribou Gear Single Ultra Light Small Quarter Game Bag - Mule Deer, Antelope

This convenient package is for the hunter wanting to replace, add or assemble their own game bag system. The game bags do not require pre-washing or conditioning and are conveniently packaged in a weather-resistant locking plastic bag.

Item #6451 - Small - 20" Wide x 34" Tall - Perfect for Deer, Sheep, Bear, Antelope

Why Caribou Gear Game Bags are Different

Our technologically advanced stain resistant synthetic fabric is scientifically made from a liquid state and specifically made for extreme meat care. With near all quality attributes of cotton, such as wicking away moisture and most importantly breathability, but has the added strength and durability of a synthetic fabric. It was important for our game bags to have the characteristics of cotton and not the negative attributes of a pure nylon. A pure nylon bag doesn’t allow the meat to breathe risking meat spoilage.

Why No Logos! We've designed our game bags with meat care in mind. After 21 years of development and over 50 years of hunting we understand how important breathability is in a game bag, silk screen logos, or any attachments around bag, preventing air circulation, risking meat spoilage.

How to Clean your Caribou Gear Game Bags

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