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AirLock Fly Fishing Strike Indicators - 3-Pack - Marbled Camouflage Colors

Size: 3/4"

The Air-Lock is our favorite strike indicator when we're not necessarily looking for stealth, although this marbled camouflage model stays pretty hidden from fish. It's super-buoyant, visible, durable, and easy to adjust. The best part about the Air-Lock Indicator is that it won't slip, kink, or leave your leader a mess. Easy on-and-off operation will make this your new favorite strike indicator.

Camo AirLock Strike Indicator Feature Review

In 2020, AirLock set out to make the best fishing strike indicator in the world even better. They redesigned the Air-Lock indicator with Biodegradable Foam for increased performance in every category, including the one that counts most; keeping your local waterways cleaner! Those strike indicators that end up floating away for any reason will now break down over time.

  • Foam version is 30% lighter, making for easier and more efficient casting and delivery
  • New version suspends 25% more weight on the water
  • New neutral colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter overall weight lands softer on the water, resulting in more stealth
  • Foam version has better durability; No more leaks, dents, holes or cracks!
  • Hurts 38.6% less when you hit yourself in the back of the head on a forward cast
  • Easy on-and-off action saves time on the water
  • Simply loosen and slide indicator for on-the-fly depth adjustment
  • Secure, adjustable, and kinkless strike indicator won't slip or tangle
  • Available in assorted colors (white, orange, pink)
  • Available in sizes ½”, ¾”, and 1”
  • Includes 2 replacement locking nuts
  • 3 per package

AirLocks Strike Indicators Use Biodegradable Materials


We believe in keeping our waterways as clean as possible. AirLock redesigned their popular strike indicators with biodegradable foam so those indicators that end up floating away for any reason will break down over time.

  • Not to be confused with “water soluble:”  Air-Lock Biodegradable Strike Indicators will not dissolve or be compromised in any way during normal use.
  • Biodegrading happens when the material is left in the elements: mud, water, mulch, compost, etc. over a long period of time.


One thing that has not changed: The most innovative locking mechanism in the world for attaching to your leader.

  • Standard Rigging:
    • Unscrew the locking nut
    • Lay the butt section of your leader in the slot
    • Replace the locking nut and tighten down
    • Note: For smaller diameter leaders, you can remove the rubber washer for a tighter fit. This will not result in a damaged leader
  • 90 Degree Rigging:
    • Remove the locking nut
    • Thread your leader through the locking nut and slide up to the butt section
    • Place leader butt section in the slot on top of the indicator
    • Tighten locking nut down on the post as shown with leader sticking out one side, then out the top
How to Rig AirLock Strike Indicators For Fly Fishing

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