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Lamson Guru S Fly Reel

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The stylish Lamson Guru (now called the Lamson Guru-S) has long set a standard for enlightened excellence on the river as a rugged, completely US-machined, and ultra-reliable reel at a great price.

By increasing the arbor to a larger diameter and reducing the spool's total weight and parts, the updated Guru S takes this reel to a different level.

Waterworks Lamson has many years of machining experience, which allows them to use advanced techniques that focus material where strength is needed most, but remove it where the reel can benefit from having an overall lighter weight. The outcome is a spool that is significantly lighter than the previous generation.

The Guru-S features further enlarged porting which not only significantly reduces the weight, but allows better airflow to the backing and line, which aids in drying.

A counterbalance is fully integrated so you get perfectly balanced and smooth rotations, especially when that big brown starts peeling off line and heading downstream.

Like all Lamson reels, the Guru S features a curved cross section (think of how strong an egg is end to end) which makes the overall structure much stronger.

Lamson Guru S Fly Reel Features

  • Reel Format: Large Arbor
  • Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Reel Finish: Type II Anodize
  • Reel Drag: Buttery smooth sealed Conical Drag System as in all Waterworks-Lamson reels
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4 in
-3+ 3.20" 0.90" 3.73 oz 2.3.4 WF4 60 yds 20#
-5+ 3.55" 1.00" 4.41 oz 4.5.6 WF6 100 yds 20#
-7+ 3.97" 1.13" 5.04 oz 6.7.8 WF8 180 yds 20#
-9+ 4.11" 1.23" 5.83 oz 8.9.10 WF10 220 yds 30#

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