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Umpqua Phantom X Fluorocarbon Trout Tippet - 30 Yd. Spool

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Never before seen strength, sensitivity, and invisibility. Umpqua's Phantom X is a five-layer Ultra Fluorocarbon and to put it simply, it is the strongest and most invisible fluorocarbon tippet available to the fly fishing world. There's a reason it's the tippet used by Fly Fishing Team USA.

With very little stretch due to its unique core, Phantom X allows you to detect the most subtle takes. A unique chemical process of combining fluorocarbon monomers into polymer chains creates harmony with Umpqua's unique coating, resulting in abrasion resistance, sensitivity, density, invisibility, and strength never seen before in fluorocarbon fly fishing tippet.

All spools of Phantom X also come with a custom ProBand to keep tippet neatly wrapped on the spool yet at the ready when you are on the water.

Umpqua Phantom X Ultra Fluorocarbon Construction Diagram
Umpqua Phantom X Ultra Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Tippet Construction Benefits

Why You Should Fish Umpqua's Phantom Ultra Fluorocarbon Tippet

Ultra Fluorocarbon tippet offers unique advantages to serious anglers.

  • Low Visibility and light refraction with Umpqua's proprietary Phantom Coating
  • 25% more abrasion resistance than standard fluorocarbon tippet
  • Unmatched sensitivity due to lower stretch
  • Increased hooking power and increase hookup rate
  • Does not absorb water

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