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Phelps Unleashed V2.0 Elk Bugle Tube

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7 years after introducing the first generation of Phelps Unleashed bugle tubes, it was time for more innovation. Listening to customer feedback and analyzing what everyone loved and didn't like about the original Unleashed, the team at Phelps went to work designing a new version with recycled plastic to improve their previous tube.

Do you like using diaphragms but don't like the large flared mouthpiece? No problem! Remove the mouthpiece and blow straight onto the tube. This bugle tube also comes with the EZ Bugler mouthpiece, so it can be used without a diaphragm.

Phelps Unleashed 2.0 Elk Bugle Tube Video Review

Phelps Unleashed 2.0 Elk Bugle Tube Features Review:

Here is what was updated to create outstanding back pressure for note articulation, devastating bugles, mind-bending screams, thunderous chuckles, and grunts. The Unleashed V2 is the new standard that all elk bugles will be measured against.

  • Smaller: Weighing in at 12.5 oz and 20" in length, the Unleashed V2 is smaller and lighter, without sacrificing superb sound.
  • Quieter: The Unleashed V2 is dressed in neoprene not only for a more appealing modern look but also to reduce noise from contact with brush.
  • Adaptable: Phelps wanted to introduce a bugle tube that would fit into a complete calling system allowing for any calling style with one purchase. The tube comes equipped with a “Flared” mouthpiece for standard diaphragm calling, along with the EZ Bugler mouthpiece, allowing folks who previously couldn't use a diaphragm to make realistic bugles.

The EZ Bugler requires its own unique reed and replacement gasket. A mouthpiece is supplied with each bugle purchase, but Phelps encourages folks to purchase replacement parts in the event that the gasket becomes lost or the reeds start to lose their crisp sound after extended use in the field.

What's Included with your Unleashed V2 Bugle Tube:

  • Easy-to-use external “EZ Bugler” mouthpiece fixes common user problems with standard diaphragms.
  • “Flared” mouthpiece for Diaphragm users. 
  • Neoprene Cover to reduce noise traveling through brush.
  • Lanyard for easy carrying.

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