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CRISPI Nevada GTX Non-Insulated Hunting Boot

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In our experience, the CRISPI Nevada GTX is hands-down the most comfortable boot in the CRISPI lineup. We often refer to the Nevada as the "Cadillac" of CRISPIs. There is just something about how plush the Nevada fits around your foot that makes it stand above the rest of the CRISPI models.

The story of the legendary CRISPI Nevada boot goes back over 40 years, when Alessandro Marcolin started hand-constructing CRISPI boots in Italy. The Nevada has been a staple in CRISPI’S boot lineup ever since.

Due to the nature of the amount of movement required for Western hunting, we only stock the CRISPI Nevada GTX Uninsulated version. While counter-intuitive, additional insualtion leads to more perspiration, which actually leads to colder feet.

CRISPI Boots Nevada GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot Video Review

CRISPI Boots Nevada GTX Review from basin + bend

Rated level 3 on CRISPI'S stiffness rating scale, we find the CRISPI Nevada boots to be a true all-around mountain boot. It has just enough stiffness that you'll feel comfortable ascending and standing on steep north facing slopes chasing elk, and enough lateral stability your feet will be happy if side-hilling when chasing Mule deer. But it's not so stiff that if you're down in the meadows and lowlands, that you feel like you are trying to hike in ski boots.

We have been running the Crispi Nevada non-insulated version for over four years now, and are definitely happy with our choice. Our pair of Nevada boots are on our feet for the entire hunting season. From chasing Antelope on the hot plains in August all the way through later rifle seasons chasing elk in November snows. While you would think a full grain leather boot would have trouble breathing, that hasn't been our experience. During August and early September, we usually take our boots off briefly whenever we stop to fill up our water bottles. We take the removeable CRISPI air mesh footbed out and set it in the sun briefly just to help fully dry it out. That short break is always enough to manage any sweat buildup that may have occurred during a steep uphill hike. We always recommend going with the non-insulated version of the Nevada, as it seems the Western hunting season weather just keeps getting warmer.

With the drastic increase in blow-down we've seen here in Colorado, our ankles are very appreciative of the often overlooked Ankle Bone Support System. When you are coming out heavy with a full load of Elk meat, and you're trying to crawl over and around dead-fall, your chances of turning an ankle go up exponentially. The A.B.S.S is a heat activated foam contained in the ankle section of the boot that continues to mold and conform exactly to your ankle bone. This makes a pocket over time that gives you the best support possible, so you are less likely to end up hobbling down the mountain.

The "GTX" in CRISPI Nevada Legend GTX comes from the fully wrapped GORE-TEX liner that fully protects your foot from outside moisture. This becomes clutch in the early season when you are either walking through tall grass that's covered in morning dew, stuck in one of those quick moving rainstorms, or trying to move through swampy areas that hold wallows. We've found it's just as effective when we're hiking through deep snow in the late rifle seasons, although we do typically pair the Nevada's with a pair of GORE-TEX gaiters during that time of year.

CRISPI Hunting Boots Nevada GTX Feature Review

  • Insulated: No - non-insulated version
  • Waterproof and Breathable GORE-TEX Lining
  • Upper: Water-repellent Nubuk Leather
  • Removable CRISPI Air Mesh Footbed:  Outstanding Breathability and anti-perspiration / anti-odor performance
  • Protection: Rubber rand
  • Height: 8"
  • Weight (one boot, size 10): 1.9 lbs
CRISPI Nevada Non-Insulated all Leather Hunting Boot In the Wild

CRISPI Nevada Sizing - How to Choose Correctly

From the hundreds of pairs of CRISPI boots that we've helped customers wear into the wild, the overwhelming majority ended up going with their street shoe size in the standard (D) width. CRISPI offers half-sizes and extra wide sizing if needed, so you can get the fit dialed in perfectly. We typically wear CRISPI Manti Lightweight Merino Socks with our CRISPI boots, which provide great perspiration management and blister protection.

CRISPI Nevada Boot Sizing Chart

CRISPI Boots Built-In Technology

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Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear Lining

GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear Lining: Keeps your feet dry when crossing creeks, hunting in swampy areas, or walking through wet morning grass.

Vibram Logo

Vibram sole with Super-Grip Compound and shock absorbing CCF midsole: This means you get impact absorbing comfort where you need it, but sole stability where it matters.

CRISPI Boots Nevada Flex Rating

3 Flex Rating: On CRISPI'S scale from 1-5, this is a good flexibility for a do-everything hunting boot. We've found it's the perfect stiffness for spending plenty of time on those really steep north facing slopes chasing elk or side-hilling when searching for deer. Level 3 provides enough flex for comfort when walking on the trail or on the flats.

Ankle Bone Support System ABSS Logo

ABSS - Ankle Bone Support System: ABSS protects your ankles from sprains even with heavy loads. CRISPI utilizes heat activated foam in the ankle area which increasingly contours to your ankle bone over time.

CRISPI Boots Crossbow Frame Logo

CRISPI Crossbow Frame: Material added to the mid-sole in a wave-like fashion absorbs shocks while walking, especially when descending steep terrain.

Board Lasting Mechanical Construction Logo

Board Lasting Mechanical Construction: Italian made boots have always been known for great long lasting quality. CRISPI takes that a step further in their construction method when attaching the uppers to the sole.

Dual Tech Lining Logo

Dual Tech Lining: CRISPI uses a unique construction method that allows them to wrap the inner lining of the boot in GORE-TEX, but keep it abrasion resistant when placed against the leather outer material, ensuring long-lasting waterproof protection.

To learn more about CRISPI Boots, check out the CRISPI Boot Technology Page

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