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Umpqua ZS2 Wader Chest Pack or Waist Pack

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The Umpqua ZS2 Wader Chest Pack allows you to simplify your fishing gear. Simply clip this multipurpose pouch onto the front of your waders and don't take it off. Once you clip this to your wader straps, you will have everything you need at your fingertips. With a large velcro patch patch on the back, it can also be securely attached to a wading belt.

Umpqua ZS2 Wader Chest Pack Features - Compact Wader Chest Pack

This fishing kit organizer will hold two large fly boxes, leaders, tippet & accessories. Additionally, it has the full range of ZeroSweep™ features found in all of Umpqua's larger ZS2 packs, including a molle modular attachment station for all of the Umpqua ZS2 accessories.

  • One Nipper Station/Port
  • Two Tool Sheaths
  • One Foam Fly Patch Station (patch included)
  • Removable Stabilizer Strap with Zerosweep™ Buckle
  • Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 3 600 cubic inches (10 Liters)
  • Internal Floating Box Divider to Keep Multiple Boxes in place

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