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Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net 12.5" Clear (Fits Native Net Models)

Have a hole in your Nomad Native net or did you maybe snag it on a tree and rip one of the connecting loops? This is the perfect bag replacement for the Fishpond Nomad Native Net. Replacement net kit includes everything you need to re-string a Fishpond Nomad Native net.

How to Replace Fishpond Nomad 12.5" & 15" Net Bags

Nomad Native Net Replacement Bag Kit Features

  • 50# Dacron and needle included.
  • 12.5" Diameter - 39" circumference.
  • Perfect replacement for the Nomad Native Net.
  • Soft rubber net minimizes damage to fish
  • Flies won't get stuck in the mesh
  • Rubber mesh doesn't freeze like nylon

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