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CRISPI Waterproofing Spray

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This is CRISPI's recommended waterproofing spray for their boots that are made with synthetic materials, suede or brushed Nubuck Leather.

This Imperwass spray adds water-repellency and helps maintain breathability to the leather. CRISPI boot spray also assists in prolonging the effective lifespan and optimizes the performance of suede and Nubuck leather of your CRISPI boots.

To apply, simply wipe off worn boots with a clean towel and spray the Imperwass generously onto the suede and nubuck. Allow to air dry and you're done!

  • Recommended for synthetic materials, cordura, suede leather and brushed Nubuk leather.
  • Best suited for Idaho, Summit and other models that contain synthetic materials.
  • Will often cause the leather to darken upon application
  • Excellent waterproofing capability

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