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Basin + Bend's - The Take

If you've ever fished a squirmy wormy fly (or sometimes simply called squirmies), you already know how effective they can be. Something about the undulating squirmy rubber material just drives trout and other fish species crazy. It's so effective that some purists won't be caught dead with them in their fly box. Not us. We use them fairly often, in quite a few water types and at different times of the year, and they consistently produce. When tied on a jig hook, they work great as a quick-to-tie anchor fly as well. 

With the tremendous run-off we've had here in Colorado this year, we've been reaching into our boxes and grabbing for a heavy squirmy wormy pretty regularly.

That's given us an abnormally large amount of hours to fish our original Strap On Squirmy Worm Pattern.  It's also allowed us to prove the original goal of being able to re-use squirmy material when the original material is damaged.

But it's also shown us a flaw in our original design that was ripe to be improved. Read on to see what we're talking about.

  • 3 min read