Sitka Gear Sale

Sitka Hunting Gear On Sale Now! Sitka Closeouts too.

Finding Sitka gear on sale is like finding a matched pair of 400" elk sheds on public lands; not going to happen very often. But Sitka camo does go on sale every once in a while! Especially at the end of the season, when most folks aren't actively looking for hunting gear. 

Sitka Sale Sample Gear

This Sitka end of season sale covers all of their gear. This is just a sampling of the Sitka gear that is on sale.

Sitka pants sale - timberline

Sitka Timberline Pant

A burly sheep hunting pant built for racking up vertical in mid to cold conditions, the Sitka Gear Timberline Pant has long stood as the alpine hunter’s workhorse, and a Sitka pants sale on this level of gear doesn't happen very often.

Sitka Ascent Pant

Designed for hot days spent charging in the mountains, and early season endeavors, the Sitka Ascent Pant features meshbacked pockets for ventilation and an internal mesh knee pad pocket if added protection is desired. 

Sitka Camp Hoody

The Sitka Camp Hoody is a dependable and comfortable go-to featuring a polyester/wool blend that provides comfort, warmth and exceptional moisture management.

Sitak Merino Core on sale

Sitka Merino CORE Lightweight Half-Zip

The Sitka Merino Lightweight Half-Zip features premium 17.5-micron merino wool spun around a nylon core, creating a high-performance next-to-skin layer.

Sitka Closeouts On Sale

These Sitka CORE pieces are slated for minor design updates for 2019, so have been put on closeout. That means no Sitka promo code needed, and you'll have solid gear ahead of the 2020 season!

Sitka CORE Heavyweight Hoody on Closeout

Sitka CORE Heavyweight Hoody - CLOSEOUT

With lofted fleece insulation and a form-fitting hood for added warmth and concealment, the Sitka CORE Heavyweight Hoody keeps you from shivering on long, frigid stakeouts.

Sitka Closeout - CORE Lightweight Crew Long Sleeve

Sitka Core Lightweight Crew LS - CLOSEOUT

With long sleeves and a low-profile crewneck, the Sitka CORE Lightweight Crew LS wicks away moisture and keeps you concealed when you’re burning the boot leather.

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