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CRISPI Colorado GTX Review

CRISPI Colorado GTX Review | basin + bend

This CRISPI Colorado review compares it with the Summit GTX and Nevada GTX

New Colorado Model Available 

Note that the original CRISPI Colorado GTX got a fabric upgrade in 2022, and has been replaced by the CRISPI Colorado II GTX. Most everything in this review still holds true, but know that the cordura material on the uppers has been replaced by more durable and lightweight PUtek.


A Quick Review of the CRISPI Colorado GTX

As you have probably seen, the brand new CRISPI Colorado II GTX is fresh off the boat, and we've got it here in the shop. Well, we've had some folks ask, "What is the big difference between the new Colorado GTX, compared to the classic Summit or the Nevada GTX?"

At first glance you may think that the Colorado GTX just looks like a new color way of the CRISPI Summit GTX. In reality, it's actually a completely brand new platform, even though it's got the same mixed materials of suede leather, and the Cordura, just like the Summit.

It does come in a sharp looking muted grey, black and green color combination though! Read on to learn the details in this full CRISPI Colorado review.

CRISPI Colorado GTX Non-Insulated Hunting Boot Design Drawing For Review

The Colorado GTX Saves Your Ankles

You'll notice that like the Summit, the Colorado still has the same polyurethane coated leather rand. The big upgrade there is that this rand is now triple stitched with Kevlar, so you've got a lot better durability in that rand, especially when you're in any type of rocky terrain.

The big thing you'll notice visually, is that the Colorado now has a polyurethane midsole. The Summit GTX has always had an EVA (Ethel Vinyl Acetate) midsole. The polyurethane midsole will provide a lot better shock absorption in this boot, without a lot of weight increase.

With the Colorado, you're going to be a lot more comfortable when you're coming out heavy. Let's say you're packing out an elk, or maybe a big mule deer. That usually goes hand in hand with descending down steep terrain. The extra weight on your back always results in extra abuse on your ankles, with your heels taking the brunt of the beating as they hammer into the ground. The polyurethane midsole on the Colorado is going to absorb a lot more of that impact. That will keep the fatigue from building up in to your feet when you're doing those long pack outs, as well as just hiking in.

There's no denying that going uphill and downhill, as mountainous terrain often requires, puts a beating on your feet. Luckily the polyurethane midsole consists of a dual density material. That means it's got the right type of stiffness in the right areas. That becomes important when you're side-hilling, giving you better lateral stability when you need it most. This is a big feature upgrade over the EVA midsole of the Summit GTX. And it provides that extra stability in only about three ounces of weight increase. The CRISPI Colorado GTX weighs in at about 1 pound, 10 ounces, as opposed to 1 pound 7 ounces for the Summit (in about a size 9.5). So, all in all a really marginal weight increase. Even though the Summit has always been considered a lightweight boot, the new Colorado GTX really isn't that much more of an increase, with much better stability and absorption.

In addition to the upgraded midsole, you get the ankle bone support system (A.B.S.S) on the Colorado GTX, which has always been a nice benefit of the Nevada GTX. The A.B.S.S is essentially heat activated memory foam built into the ankle section of the boot, which conforms to your ankle over time. This creates a real nice pocket for your ankle, so it's completely supported.

Again, think about when you're coming out heavy. You've got a lot of weight on your back, and a lot of that pressure is being directed into your ankles. Many times you've got the weight up too high, you're off camber and trying to move across the landscape, often through downed timber. Not having to risk rolling those ankles when you're moving through the country is a big plus for the Colorado. It's worth noting that you get the stability you need, in only an 8" high boot.

The CRISPI Colorado Is Built For Any Terrain

As soon as you try on the Colorado you will notice that it has a slightly wider toe box. It's a little more comfortable toe box than the Summit GTX. That is one thing that some of our customers didn't like about the Summit, as opposed to the Nevada. So this is a good compromise in being wide enough for more comfort, but not too wide so your foot feels sloppy inside. The Colorado is offered in a standard and EE wide, so you have some options depending on your foot.

The other big difference between the CRISPI Colorado and the Summit and Nevada, at least on paper, is that the Colorado is a 4 flex rating in CRISPI'S 1 to 5 rating system. The Summit GTX and the Nevada GTX are both a 3. At first, some people are a little scared about that. They don't want to get too stiff of a boot. Our testing showed that the Colorado's are not really that much stiffer then the Nevada. Maybe just slightly, but not to the point where the Colorado feels like an alpine boot, or you feel like you're walking in ski boots when you're going across a flat.

So the Colorado still has great flexibility for being in the majority of the high country, from hiking deep into a big basin, to being on a steep north facing slope when you're chasing elk. The Colorado gives you just enough purchase so that you're not crushing your calves all the time. It will even work on goat and sheep hunts, where you're in that steep country constantly. 

Other Features That Make the Colorado An Easy Choice

Just like all the CRISPI boots, the Colorado GTX has a Vibram sole that gets stickier as it gets wet, which always comes in handy, especially during those bow hunts where we're getting ( at least here in Colorado) afternoon storms.

The Colorado also features a full GORE-TEX liner, just like the other CRISPI models. So you get a good breathable boot that keeps you dry when you're crossing creeks, or even moving through those little swampy low lands.

It also does it for a price that's really not that much more than the Summit GTX. You get a lot of upgrades in this boot and it's only $349.

CRISPI Colorado GTX Review Conclusion

Over all, the CRISPI Colorado is a reasonably priced (when it comes to Italian hand-made boots), good looking boot, that has the added features and support where you need them the most, the ankle and the midsole. Whether you're using this boot as a hunting boot, or simply for backpacking and hiking into the high country, the Colorado will give you the stability and comfort to get you back deeper, and keep you out longer.

Give the Colorado a try, we think you'll be happy. It's a very comfortable boot and one that is definitely going to last a long time.

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