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Mile High Note Game Calls The Enhancer Backpacking Mini Grunt/Bugle Tube

The Enhancer Grunt tube is the perfect call enhancer for the serious hunter. This light weight tube is ideal for back packing or for the hunter who likes to travel light. Clip it to your pack belt or in a side pocket of your pack. Enhance your elk, predator, deer, moose, turkey or any other animal you choose to emulate. This tube works great with diaphragm calls, open reed calls, voice calling or latex stretched across the end. Bugling, Cow Calling, Glunking, Howling, Animal Distress, Bull Moose Grunting, Cow Moose Wine, Hooting, Turkey Hen etc.

Enhance all your game calls!

The Floozy open reed elk call and The Enforcer open reed predator calls are made to insert in the end of this grunt tube to enhance your elk and predator calling skills.