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Mile High Note Game Calls Rival Slim-Line SL Double Reed Diaphragm Elk Call

The Rival ™ Double Reed "SL" Slimline Series Diaphragm Call

This award winning call is easy to blow and produces authentic realistic bugles and sweet sounding cow and calf sounds. This small frame mouth call is perfect for elk callers with a narrow palate. The most important thing in a diaphragm call is a good fit. Many times callers with narrow palates struggle with traditional diaphragm calls as the call will not fit properly into their narrow palate.

This slim-line call will fit perfectly to allow air to flow through the call instead of escaping through the gaps of a miss-fitted call. The small frame slim-line calls are manufactured with the same recipe for stretch and thickness of latex as our other award-winning Mile High Note diaphragm calls.

How to use the Rival Double Reed SL Diaphragm Call

Place the call in the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth with the open end out. Force air across the latex, adding tongue pressure.