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Mile High Note Game Calls Contender Single Reed Diaphragm Elk Call

The Contender™ Single Reed Diaphragm Call

The Mile High Note Contender™ Diaphragm Reed is a great easy to blow single reed elk diaphragm call. This call produces incredible cow sounds and realistic bull sounds as well. This great all around call was used to win the 2015 Best of the West Elk Calling Contest!

This is truly a World Elk Calling Championship Call. Mile High Note Game Calls took #1 at the Regional Denver Contest and #2 overall at Worlds in SLC with this call! 

How to use the Contender Signle Reed Diaphragm Call

Place the call in the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth with the open end out. Force air across the latex, adding tongue pressure. You are now ready to call in that bull of a lifetime!