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    Loon Camo Drops Tin Split Shot Weights - 4 Division Big Water

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    The Loon Tin Weights known as Loon Drops are non-toxic split shot designed to stay on your leader and to not slip. They can be reused and are shaped for easy casting. These could be the best split shot going. The Loon Big water Camo Drops 4 Division Assortment is a simple to use and convenient dispenser that will let you carry everything you need in one convenient container. Camo Drops come in stealthy colors for those spooky fish.

    • Non-gloss matte camo coating
    • Textured finish to prevent slipping
    • Double cut for easy re-use and adjustment
    • Easy-to-use twist dispender
    • Includes BB (0.4g), AAA (0.8g), SA (1.2g), and SSG (1.6g) sizes

    How to use Loon Camo Drops Tin Split Shot Weights

    Choose your desired size (weight) and attach to your leader by squeezing with forceps. If you want to remove and/or move to a different location, squeeze the backside of the drops with your forceps and move or put back into your container.