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Fishpond Sushi Roll

When Fishpond introduced their first Sushi Roll large fly roll I had to warm up to it. After a closer look, “I get it”.  What a great idea for those who fish with bushy streamers. The musky fly angling crowd love these. The striper fishermen do to, as well as the saltwater anglers.

The Sushi Rolls hold your flies without mashing them.  They are rolled and the foam ridges you see on the edge, keep the flies in a air pocket, safe from crunching.  It is hard to explain, but when you see this Sushi Roll in action, you will understand.

Now, Fishpond makes the Sushi Roll in three sizes. They are:

The Sushi Roll is a very effective and convenient way to transport your big flies safely, without damage.

  • Roll-up fly storage (great for streamers and saltwater flies)
  • Ultra tough exterior fabric
  • Foam spacers to prevent flies from being crushed and allow breathability
  • Foam inner layer for securing flies
  • 7.25" x 10.5" Small
  • 10" x 16" Large
  • 15" x 16" X Large