Fishpond Dry Shake Bottle Holder

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UPC: 816332003646

Fishpond solved the problem, “How do you store Shimazaki?”  You store it in the Dry Shake Bottle Holder.  There are other similar products that are packaged the same way.  Many of the Loon powders and descants come in the same type of bottles.  

The problems was, you are holding your fly in one hand and trying to dig out your dry fly powder with the other.  

This handy holder clips to your vest or pack and it’s ready anytime you are.  They are made from Fishpond webbing and we have no choice on the patterns.  They are assorted.  This is a great gadget to have on your vest or pack.  It makes life easier.

  • Stretchable elastic holds bottles in place
  • Quick clip attachment