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    Fishpond Confluence Net Release

    This is Fishpond’s Confluence Net Release, one of Fishpond's most clever creations.  We really like this net release, mainly because, hanging your net with the hoop up and the handle down makes it easier to grab your net handle when needed.  

    Also, having the hoop and bag high on your back helps keep you from catching your net on branches.  That can be very frustrating.  This configuration is much better than the old way.

    The Fishpond Confluence has a soft strap that clamps around the hoop of your net without scratching it.  You don’t want to scratch your new Nomad Native net, do you? 

    Additionally, the net is held to your vest or pack with a very strong magnet.  When you are ready to land your fish, just grab the handle of your net and pull.  A length of retractor cable stretches out so you can capture your trout, but retracts to it’s original length when you re-attach.

    To re-attach, just get the hoop near the magnet while holding the handle, and you can complete the process using only one hand. 

    You will love this net release and should consider it as a great addition to your streamside accessories for your vest or pack.