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Badlands Convection Glove - Approach FX

We know you aren‘t one of those “fair weather” hunters. You laugh in the face of mother nature and embrace her icy breath. Our warmest glove to date, The Badlands Convection Glove was designed to keep you hunting longer and smarter. After all, frozen fingers won‘t do you much good when it‘s trigger-pullin time.

  • Insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof Ax Suede™ Palm

How to choose the right size for the Badlands Convection Glove

Measure around your palm at your knuckles and use the guide below to choose the correct glove size

  • 7.5-8" - Medium
  • 8-9.5" - Large
  • 9.5-10" - X-Large