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    AirLock Strike Indicators 3-Pack - Clear

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    These are no longer available, but check out the brand new Biodegradable Foam Air-Lock Strke Indicators!

    The Air-Lock is our new favorite strike indicator when we're not looking for stealth. It's super-buoyant, visible, durable, and easy to adjust. The best part about the Air-Lock Indicator is that it won't slip, kink, or leave your leader a mess. Easy on-and-off operation will make this your next go-to strike indicator.


    • Secure, adjustable, and kinkless strike indicator won't slip or tangle
    • Easy on-and-off action saves time on the water
    • Simply loosen and slide indicator for on-the-fly depth adjustment
    • Available in ¾” size
    • 3 per package