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    3-TAND T-70 Big Game Fly Reel

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    The T-70 was among the first reels we ever designed and has come to be known as our “Flagship” reel. A large arbor design gives increased pick up when sporting 7-9 weight fly lines and chasing next level fish. This reel has a slough of applications and has proven to be the perfect tool to take on Striped Bass, Snook, Musky, Steelhead, Bluefish, Salmon, Carp, Bonito, big Bonefish and many others. A true do-it-all size with breaks that you need to experience for yourself to fully believe. It gets even better.

    The T-70 has a frame that will accept the same spool used on our T-90 to give you a fully interchangeable system that allows you to jump up a line weight or two or increase your backing capacity.  Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what others say about it and try it for yourself today!

    Weights 7-9

    Line Capacity (yds)
    WF7F 225/20lb Dacron
    WF8F 200/20lb Dacron
    WF9F 175/20lb Dacron

    Weight 8.3 oz.

    Spool Size 3.8" x 1.18"

    Drag Technology 4 NanoCF Drag™ Discs