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Heather's Choice

Heather's Choice Meals

Heather's Choice Meals and Packaroons. Meals for Adventuring

Heather's Choice products provide an alternative to freeze-dried backpacking foods. Their delicious, dehydrated meals feature no preservatives or excess sodium.

At the end of a long day on the trail simply add boiling water to rehydrate and enjoy satisfying meals like Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder, Dark Chocolate Chili, or Tomatillo Rancheros.

Heather's Choice Meals Are Healthy By Design

When deploying their adventure menu, Heather's Choice's primary mission was to provide nutritious, satisfying calories. That's why their meals and snacks feature superfoods such as coconut, wild caught Alaskan sockeye Salmon, grass-fed bison and berries. You'll find Heather's products have a wonderful balance of protein, carbohydrates and anti-inflammatory fats.

Heather's Choice Adventure Menu

Heather's Choice dehydrated backpacking meals and snacks are handcrafted to be lightweight, nutrient dense and delicious. Heather's Choice products will add quality protein and calories to your pack, without adding a ton of extra weight.

Meet Heather

After spending countless days hiking trails and floating down rivers, she knew she wanted food in her pack that tasted as good as what she was making at home. As a certified nutritionist, the quality of her meals and snacks was enormously important to her.

With a small at-home dehydrator she created the recipes for all of the meals and snacks on the Heather's Choice adventure menu today!


Where is Heather's Choice based out of?

Heather's Choice is based in Anchorage Alaska.

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