10 Best Holiday Gifts for Hunters and Anglers in 2018

Find that perfect holiday gift that they'll love all year long

We see it quite often this time of year; Your loved one absolutely loves hunting and fishing, but you have no idea what gear they already have, or what they would need. We're here to help with ten gift ideas for that special hunter or angler on your list.

Manley's BBQ Sauce


One of our favorite ways to prepare a wild game roast is to cook it in root beer all day, pull it, and then coat it in Manley's BBQ sauce. The smokey flavor of Manley's will delight the hunter on your list.

$.60 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Give the gift of adventure. No matter if they're camping next to the car in a state park or high in an alpine basin, this nutritious oatmeal will start their day right!

$.74 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Fishpond River Rat 2.0


It's always important to stay hydrated while fishing or rafting, and with the River Rat 2.0, that frosty beverage will always be right where they need it.

$2.19 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

RepYourWater Trout Socks


We know, the first thing you do when you see more socks on a holiday list is roll your eyes. But these aren't your run of the mill cheap fish socks. 

Made in Steamboat Springs, CO by Point 6, these medium-weight Merino Wool crew socks can actually be used for wading, hiking, hunting, and biking! Whoever receives these in their stocking will be able to show their love of fish no matter the activity!

$3.19 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Fishpond Salty Dog Collar

Fishpond Salty Dog Collar


Being a hunter or angler seems to go hand in hand with a love of dogs. We spare no expense when it comes to making sure our buddies are treated right! We have a host of new dog products from RepYourWater and Fishpond that the dog lover on your list will love!

$2.19 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Is someone on your list looking to pick up fly fishing? The Fenwick® Pflueger® Medalist® Fly Kit features the Fenwick® Eagle rod and all new Pflueger® Medalist reel. Designed with all anglers in mind, this outfit offers a high quality rod and reel that will last a lifetime on the water without breaking the bank. 

$21.99 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.


Help that special person show off their love of hunting and fishing on the next big night out on the town or everyday! Hand made in Austin, TX, these artistic bracelets come in a variety of designs and sizes that will surely find a spot under your tree! 

$12.10 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Fishpond Nomad nets have long set the standard of a strong, and good looking net for the river. This new Colorado limited edition net honors our namesake river that starts high in the Rockies and provides not only water for a large portion of the West, but some great days on the water for us anglers.

$19.79 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

RepYourWater co-founder Garrison Doctor is an amazing artist. To see him bring amazing sketches to life right in front of you is one of those things you just have to see. This limited edition sun hoody features one of those sketches, and it's one of our favorites, a gorgeous high-country cutthroat.

The super-soft material is extremely breathable and perfect for keeping the sun at bay either when in the high country or when on a tidal flat.

$7.59 goes to this quarter's conservation partner.

Gift Card


Have you gone through this whole list and still aren't sure what to give your favorite hunter or angler? Give them the gift of conservation and choice with a basin + bend gift card. 11% of their purchase will go towards our quarterly conservation partner project!

Gift cards can be used online or in-store.

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